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lundi 18 mai 2009

Foreign process

Please copy-paste the following Url on other page to let the next steps leading you to success this purchase !

Step 1
: on the webite click on « ajouter au panier » to buy the book.

Step 2 : it appears the following tag where you had to valid your action by clicking on « voir mon panier = to see »

Step 3 : indicate the number of book you need in « Qté » square.

If 2 and more, click on “je recalcule mon panier = new calculation” and then on “je commande = to order”
If 1 only, click on “je commande = to order”

Step 4 : fill the formular to create your buyer account (and address where to send the book)
Click on “je passe à l’étape 3/6” to continue the order

Step 5 : you can change the delivery address eventually and leave a message to the printer.
Here you can choose how to receive the book by postal security “normal, quick or express” and then valid on clicking on “je passe à l’étape 4/6”

Step 6 : this is to check everything is good as bill payment address and leave a message and you have to click on “je passe à l’étape 5/6”

Step 7 : this is to check everything is good as book ordered, delivery address and bill payment address and then you have to click on “je passe ma commande en ligne = to pay the order”

Step 8 : security space, you have to fill in the usual information to pay and click on “valider”

Step 9 : fill in your french birth date notation to check you are the titular of the credit card

No more step : this is now your book and you should receive it quickly !!!

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